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Share your imput regarding local food system priorities!


fnplogoFamily Nutrition Program

Change the environment in which children & adults make decisions about what they eat and how they move. more...

Let's eat more Protein...


Pat Bonis receives a Hope Award from The House of Hope. Shown here with her husband Mike. Congratulations, Pat!!!

Pat also received Kudos from the Gulfstream Goodwill Organization.  "Pat has made it fun for our clients to learn new ideas for healthy foods and snacks." Great Job, Pat

Money HouseFamily & Consumer Sciences

Check out information on money managment, nutrition, hurricanes and more...

Learn about Florida 4-H programs4-H

2016 Martin County 4-H Information.

Citrus CankerAgriculture & Community Development

2017 County Fertilizer Ordinance

"Your Florida Yard"Florida Yards


Florida Friendly Landscaping

Do you want a Florida Friendly Yard? Get Certified!


Master Gardener

Next General Meeting,Thursday, September 7, 5:15 to 7:45pm