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Martin County has been blessed with weather and soil that make it one of the best places in the world to grow just about anything! We enjoy a thriving citrus industry, as well as yards and neighborhoods full of gardens, fruit trees, and berry patches.

Florida's Treasure Coast produces some of the finest citrus fruit in the world. We are home to many of the groves that make up the 9 billion dollar Florida citrus industry. The local citrus industry not only adds to our economy but employs thousands of local workers. We all benefit from our citrus industry, and need to do our part, whenever possible, to protect it.

Citrus Canker ... A Homeowners Responsibility

It's no mistake that Florida has always had a conducive climate for growing lots of citrus, but Florida's climate has always had certain maladies that compete with a citrus tree's ability to survive. Among the list of maladies for citrus survival, there is predominantly one that tops the list -citrus canker. Citrus canker is a highly contagious disease that attacks the fruit, the stems, and the leaves, as well as causes lesions to the fruit. Although the disease is not harmful to humans, it can dramatically affect the health and vitality of citrus trees. More..

Redbay Ambrosia Beetle - Laurel Wilt of Avocoda Update more

Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Cost Share Program to be re-offered in 2009

The Florida Division of Forestry will be re-offering the Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Cost-Share Program for non-industrial private forest landowners in 2009. Applications will be accepted during a sign-up period running July 1 – Aug 12.

The direct link is Hardcopies of application materials are available at DOF County Forester offices.

A department press release should be available soon at