Florida Friendly Landscaping

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Grove Park Apartments on Lennard Road in Port St. Lucie has successfully received certification as a Florida Friendly Commercial Property Site from the University of Florida. The property is planted with natives and all irrigation systems are programed with rain gauges among other benefits.
Congratulations to:Chris Boehmer-Foster Conant & Assoc., Pat Bonis- UF, Cliff & Steve Hickey-Southern Landscape, Geri Pileggi-Master Gardener, and John Simmons-CPG Const.


Congratulations to Gene & Laverne Siters on their "Gold Standard Yard" in Port St. Lucie.

Master Gardener Class receives instructions from FYN Assistant, Pat Bonis, (3rd from rt) during a training class at the home of a current Master Gardener.

FYN Yard and Garden Certification Program

  • June 2015 Citrus Grove Community Park
    Citrus Grove Community Park, in Western Palm City is Kyle Abney, Pat Bonis, Mike Bocchino

    Recycle Buckets and Water shut off
    gave this Park its "Gold Level Standing"
  • May 2015
    Kristi Grubb, shown here with her son in their "Standard Level" Yard. Congratulations! Good job!